Survey Pemahaman Visi Misi Prodi dapat diisi pada link berikut


Survey kinerja Lulusan Prodi PBI


Survey Tracer Study


Survey pendaftaran klub debat


Survey Evaluasi Kegiatan English Study Excursion


Survey Evaluasi Kegiatan Workshop PEC


Survey Evaluaasi Kegiatan Workshop Guided Literature Review


Instrumen kepuasan perkuliahan:

Instrumen kepuasan pengguna perpustakaan:

Instrumen kepuasan pelayanan bagian akademik:

Survey kepuasan fasilitas program studi:

Form pengajuan judul skripsi :

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  1. I think the workshop is very useful for us as student that want to be a good teacher. it gives us much knowledge about teaching and learning. it also explains us how to teach interesting with our student.
    in fact many student have same condition in their study and they feel bored with it. So, to make they interest their study teacher must to have some method in teaching. cause of that the student are not only study in the same condition and they can enjoy in the class.

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